What to Expect on Your First Visit to Buds & Roses

Like all great experiences in Los Angeles, your visit to Buds & Roses begins with free valet parking. Once you pull off Ventura Boulevard and hand over your keys to our valet attendant, you’ll take a few steps through the door of our cannabis shopping oasis, where you’ll greeted by our receptionist. However old you look, you’ll need to show our staff legal proof that you are 21 — it’s the law. Once that’s done, take a seat. Help yourself to some cucumber water while you wait — it won’t be a minute.

When our friendly staff calls your name and invites you through the door into our dispensary area, you’re in for a treat. Or a flower. Or a vape — because the first thing you notice when enter our spacious market is the huge display of cannabis available for purchase. You’ll make your way to the counter when one of our many, well-trained and friendly budtenders will be standing by to help you. We take great pride in making sure our budtenders are the most knowledgeable in the industry. Yet with that knowledge also comes accessibility, so don’t worry about asking a dumb question. Weather your a newbie unsure of the difference between Indica and Sativa strains, or a connoisseur seeking just the right about to THC to meet your needs, our staff will kindly assist you.

Feel free to tell your budtender what you’re trying to get out of your marijuana use, like “I need the energy to declutter my house,” or “I’ve got some aches and pains I’m hoping to ease” or maybe just “I’m ready to celebrate.”  

Regardless of what you’re hoping to get out of your cannabis use, our budtenders will have what you need. In fact, the huge display is a lot to soak in at first, so take your time, our budtenders don’t mind. Some of the cool stuff you’ll find in the display case below you include:


These range from delicious chocolate bars to Tortilla Chips, and of course we have a wide range of drops and candies to choose from as well. Do you prefer your cannabis to come in a cold drink? We’ve got you covered there as well, with a selection of Cannabis Quenchers cold chilling in our refrigerated display case.   

Vape Pens

Vaping is on the rise and for good reason, as the heating of cannabis into a fine vapor doesn’t involve combustion, so you’re left with a smoother inhalation. Vape devices come in various styles and types, so ask your budtender to show you the options available. She’ll also then help you to choose the type of herb, oil or cartridge that will give you the high you’re looking for.


These are exactly what they sound like…old-school joints already rolled and ready for smoking. They are packaged in a variety of containers, and like all of our other wares, come in a number of different strains and strengths.


Or maybe you just want to pack your own bowl? No worries, the black cabinets you see behind the budtenders are stacked full of the finest bud you’ll find in SoCal. Much of which we grow onsite!

Once you’ve decided on what you want to take with you, your budtender will ring you up and take your cash or your debit card.  We do also have a loyalty program which your budtender will be happy to tell you about. All of that friendly service comes on the house, but feel free to tip your budtender just like you would the waitress at your favorite dinner spot.

Leave through the door on the right, behind you, and soon you’ll be back out on the sidewalk, where our valet attendant will fetch your car with a smile, free of charge. Drive safe…we look forward to seeing you again soon!