Find out how to apply for a medical cannabis card when you visit 1Body1Life online. We provide clear instructions on the application process so you won’t feel stressed or anxious during the interview and exam. In addition, we’ve simplified the process for our clients to get approved for medical THC by creating a unique medical cannabis patient program through Telemedicine services. Since you won’t have to travel to a clinic or meet with an Illinois medical marijuana doctor in-person, you can get fast approval for your application and start shopping for cannabis in 12-24 hours.

4 Steps To Obtaining Your IL Medical Marijuana Card

Step One: Request a patient certificate from your doctor or healthcare provider stating that you have a qualifying medical condition. You’ll find a complete list of qualifying conditions on our website at 1Body1Life. If you’re currently taking prescription medication for your condition or you have in the past, make sure that it’s noted in your certificate.

Step Two: Complete your medical marijuana application with help from an Illinois medical marijuana doctor from 1Body1Life. We streamline the process for you so that you’ll have an easier time navigating the system. Our staff can help you to get approved for a new card or renew your medical cannabis registry before it expires.

Step Three: Once approved, we’ll provide you with a provisional letter to print out and use to make purchases from an Illinois cannabis dispensary. In most cases, we’re able to approve your provisional card in 12-24 hours so that you won’t experience a long delay. Print out your temporary card, which is valid for 90 days or until you receive your permanent card.

Step Four: Visit any IL State dispensary once you’ve received approval for your MMJ card. With a full-service medical marijuana card service such as ours at 1Body1Life, you’ll find that it’s quick and easy to get a medical card for THC purchases.

Same-Day Doctor Exams

Through Telehealth services, our doctors can typically offer an over-the-phone exam the same day you call. If you’re anxious to try marijuana to treat chronic pain or symptoms of your medical condition, 1Body1Life could be the perfect option for you. Look through our extensive list of qualifying conditions; don’t worry if you don’t see your condition listed on our website. Let your Telehealth doctor from 1Body1Life know more about your life with chronic pain or medical condition symptoms you’re experiencing and we’ll work to get you approved for a medical marijuana card.

How To Apply For A Medical Cannabis Card?

Make a quick phone call to our team to schedule your appointment for a Telehealth visit. If you’re approved, you could be shopping at a local cannabis dispensary within 24 hours, paying less for marijuana products, and enjoying preferential service. Read more about the benefits of getting your MMJ card on our website, then get in touch with us at 773-707-6020; our phone line is open 24 hours a day.

How To Apply For Medical Cannabis Card



How To Apply For Medical Cannabis Card

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