CBD is not new to people. But, until the recent past, its use has been very limited. Ever since the farm bill, when CBD has been legalized in many states across the US, its business has been booming.

Unlike the marijuana plant, CBD does not get you high. In Connecticut CBD was legalised in 2019, and since then a lot of CBD products have appeared in the market.

Compared to other states, CBD companies in Connecticut have to pass their products through extremely rigorous testing. CBD products in Connecticut undergo third-party testing and most clear a two-level testing regimen for hemp product manufacturing.

The CBD market is ever-expanding and choosing the right product can be extremely frustrating. So we have made the choice easier for you:

1) CBD Oil Big Bertha:

The Bid Bertha holds 3000mg of CBD oil. It’s a full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil is also referred to as raw hemp oil. It contains both cannabinoids and terpenes. It may also have a little amount of THC in it. The Big Bertha is extracted from organically grown hemp. To ensure the purest quality of CBD oil, a state-of-the-art CO2 process is used. In the process, carbon dioxide is used to extract hemp oil rather than ethanol. Since CO2 can be captured without synthetics, the CBD extract becomes pure and have no residue of metal or butane. There are no added preservative to maintain the authenticity of the product.

2) CBD Oil Tincture:

Undergoes rigorous third-party testing to make sure the CBD Oil is right up to the standards. Compared to Big Bertha, it holds less quantity of CBD Oil. But, it’s also a full spectrum meaning it holds all the components of a hemp plant. Just like Big Bertha, it’s a none psychoactive product meaning it cannot get you “high”. To get the most out of CBD Oil, it is important to ensure that there are not any impurities in it. Hence, CBD Oil is extracted from the hemp produced on local farms. To ensure maximum purity, the CO2 process is used to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant. The process makes sure there are no traces of metal or butane.

3) Transdermal Muscle Balm:

Best for those, who are hesitant to use CBD Oil or does not like the texture of oil. The balm is best suited to ease out bone and muscle pain. But it can also be used for general relaxation. Unlike CBD oil, the balm offers a warming and cooling sensation which in itself is relieving for many users. Since it takes some time for the skin to absorb the balm, the effect may be slower than CBD oil. But the wait is worth it. In order purely beneficial for the skin, there are also added vitamin E and peppermint extracts.

Why Our CBD Is Best?

Being a Connecticut CBD company, the grower first has to offer a copy of hemp testing results. The report must prove that the percentage of THC in hemp is less than 0.3%. The manufacturer then sends the hemp to an independent laboratory to double-check the results. The manufacturer is legally bounded to not use the hemp until it has been clinically proven to be safe for consumption. But we strongly recommend everyone to consult your vet or doctor for consultation as results vary from person to person. 

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